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10 Games In

Record: 3-6-1 (27 Goals Scored, 29 Goals Against)

Special Teams: 15.4 PP% (24th), 86.7 PK% (6th)

Top Scorer: Dustin Brown, Alex Frolov, Anze Kopitar tied with 7

Best Forward: Alex Frolov

Best Defenseman: Kyle Quincey

Best Goaltender: Jason Labarbera

Biggest Surprise: Oscar Moller

Biggest Disappointment: Jason Labarbera

Review: Basically, everyone the Kings were counting on have failed while others have come out of nowhere. The Kings needed big seasons out of Jack Johnson, Jason Labarbera, Ted Purcell, Brian Boyle, and Matt Moulson; instead, Johnson's hurt, Labarbera has been lackluster with ample playing time, and the Kings' three-headed Manchester Monster have all failed to secure a spot in the NHL. Meanwhile, teenagers like Drew Doughty and Oscar Moller are playing some of the best hockey on the team and have not been sheltered at all. Wayne Simmonds has been giving energy and an honest effort every night and Patrick O'Sullivan has been excellent despite missing all of training camp.

The Kings still haven't found a rotation that works on offense. Dustin Brown and Anze Kopitar have been decent but need to contribute at even strength. Alex Frolov played well with Michal Handzus but has now been combined with Jarret Stoll and Oscar Moller. So far the results have been good. Handzus is now playing with Wayne Simmonds and Patrick O'Sullivan but the line hasn't had time to gel. The 4th line has been pretty terrible: Derek Armstrong has been giving an honest effort, but Raitis Ivanans looks superfluous and Brian Boyle just looks confused.

The team's weakness was supposed to be defense but so far the defense has been great at limiting shots and 2nd chances. The Kings are 10th in goals against, a ranking that shows that the team's record is perhaps deceiving.

Looking Forward: The Kings continue playing most of their games at home, with 7 at home and 3 on the road in the next 1o games. I imagine the Kings will get better as Anze Kopitar gets out of his early-season malaise and the lines firm up, but the Kings need to hurry up and pick up some points pretty soon. Most of their games in the 2nd half of their season are on the road and they have a lot of back-to-back games; even if they're better in the 2nd half of the season, their record isn't likely to show it. They need to pick up points while they're at home and their games are spread out. If the Kings are going to make any noise this season they need to start now.