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Battle of California Playlist #2

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My list is a little bit different from PJ's because I didn't necessarily try to pick songs that I think would sound good in an arena. I mostly picked songs that I really like and seem to symbolize what hockey is to me. I have a CD I listen to on my way to the rink every time that's pretty much all loud, fast and angry music. I've always believed that hockey is an angry sport and when I drive to the rink I think about how much I hate everyone on the other team. I think about their temerity in even getting on the same field of play as me and how they actually think they're good enough to get a puck past me. By the time I get to the rink I'm ready to fight. Then I get to the rink and put on my pads and by the time I'm all warmed up I'm pretty calm and ready to go. But the music helps me get ready to play.

A few explanations:

Trogdor, by Strong Bad- Like my brother mentioned yesterday, the Kings should play "Trogdor" every time Ivanans gets into a fight. He's a dragon-man (or really just a dragon) and he needs his own song.

Bleeding Love, by Leona Lewis- I mean, that's just a good song.

Girls in Black, by Airbourne- This should be the Kings' song.

I am the Night, Coloured Black, by Priestess- That song should be on a highlight video. Just sayin'.

When You Fucked Grandpa, by blink-182- I think this song should be played in the arena, just to see the expressions on people's faces.

Mine Now, by Bullets & Octane- This song gets me really fucking pumped. It's always the last song I listen to before I get out of my car for hockey.