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How Do You Deal With a Missed Game?

I missed the Kings game last night. Apparently, I should be thanking my lucky stars. Some people avoid the score when they miss a game until they get home, so they can watch the whole thing with fresh eyes and experience the highs and lows of the game. I can't do that. One, I have an impulsive need to know the score; it consumes me and it's all I can think about. Two, avoiding the game means I can't watch SportsCenter, or go here or Inside the Kings, and I can't really avoid doing that for any length of time without losing my mind. So I usually find out the score from my brother or online. Then I'll watch the Yahoo! highlights when they come up, check out the boxscore and the shift charts, and wait for the game to come available on NHL Gamecenter. I still watch the game; it's actually kind of a unique experience because you already know the score so your mind is relaxed and you can focus on the little parts of the game. Then I get pissed because the Kings get outplayed by the opposing goaltender and Drew Doughty slips and misses his coverage, leaving Daymond Langkow wide open in front of the net.

So how do you guys deal when you miss a game? Avoid it and watch it live? Find out the score and move on? Share in the comments.