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Men In Black

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Perhaps caving to the general dislike of the new-look jerseys (seriously, is there anyone who actually thinks they're an upgrade over the previous ones?), the San Jose Sharks have leaked their third-jersey. And the jersey, well, it looks a hell of a lot like the old black third jersey with an updated logo. Check it out over at Icethetics.

Which I'm totally ok with. I bought a road teal because I wanted a Roenick one but I would have stuck with the previous jersey set had I not wanted a specific player. This one looks a little better, though the stupid thing is that the lack of any real design change from the old black jersey shows what a money grab this whole thing is.

But we're good little NHL fans that keep finding ways to help the league push that salary cap up and up, so I think most of us take these occasional jersey redesigns. At least it's not like the Anaheim fans who got a redesign the year before the RBK jerseys came out. That's a double-dip of crap.

Off topic, last night's MVPP was Joe Thornton with MVPP assists going to Devin Setoguchi and Dan Boyle.