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Guess When Shelley Vs. Parros Happens

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(Note: BSWB = Mike Chen...I haven't figured out how to get SBN to display my name rather than my user ID)

When the Washington Capitals came into town, I made an off-handed comment in a post about what the over/under was on when Jody Shelley and Donald Brashear were going to throw down. They went early in the first period.

So now that we've got some division rivals in town, when do you think we'll see Shelley and George Parros drop the mitts? These things are almost as choreographed as WWE matches now, except there's no off-the-top-rope action or guys dropping in from the rafters. Put your best guess in the poll below, then leave your best guess as to how long it'll go and who will win in the comments.