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I'm Not Mad, Just Disappointed, And Also Mad

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You should be embarrassed.  You fucking louses.  You rubes.  You play 3 of the top teams in the league, hold leads in all 3 games, and then piss it away?  Don't give me any of that, "Well, we showed we could play with them," bullshit; fuck that noise.  You proved that you don't have what it takes to make the playoffs this week.  If you can't beat the San Jose Sharks when you're up a goal in the middle of the 2nd on the power play, if you can't beat the New York Rangers up a goal in the 3rd because you gave up a penalty shot to Michal Roszival, if you can't beat the Detroit Red Wings up a goal with 3 1/2 minutes left, then you deserve whatever scorn comes your way.  You carpetbaggers.  I don't want to hear that the goaltending has sucked, that you outshot both San Jose and New York, I don't want to hear that you're young and still learning, I don't want to hear any of that shit; the fact of the matter is that you're all guilty of laziness and cowardice and you should be ashamed of yourselves.

Kopitar, I'm sick of your shit.  I don't care that you're playing better defense this season or that you're getting better creating space in the opposing team's zone.  You're supposed to be the best player on the ice whenever you take a shift and you aren't even close right now.  Yesterday, Detroit's announcers mentioned that you weren't a guy you build a team around (at least not yet), and I almost got upset before I realized they were right.  You used to be, but you're not right now.  Man the fuck up and achieve greatness.

Brown, what the hell are you doing?  You're a Goddamned power forward, you're not fucking Marian Gaborik.  See what happened yesterday when you put your head down and went towards the net?  It's a lot more effective than skating backwards through the zone and taking a dive when someone hits you, isn't it?  Cross the line between good and evil and get fucking mean, man.

Frolov, you know I love you, but what the fuck are you doing out there?  You're playing like you're covered in goo.  I tried to count the number of times you fell down and lost the puck yesterday but I ran out of ink.  You're the most talented player on the team, fucking play like it.

Doughty, I don't give a rat's ass that you're 19, you can't blow another fucking game like you did against San Jose and Detroit.  Letting the puck bounce over your stick (allowing a clear cut breakaway to Patrick Marleau), stupidly passing the puck through the zone (allowing a scoring chance to Nik Lidstrom and an eventual goal)?  You're not 19 in my eyes, you're the Kings' #1 defenseman.  The free passes stop here.  And score a fucking goal, please.

Handzus... you're playing quite well.  Keep up the good work.

The worst part about this is that you guys are actually quite good now.  Sure, the goaltending sucks, but you have 3 good lines right now that can all score and defend, pretty solid offensive and shutdown D-lines, and a good coach that seems to have the pulse of the team.  It's not last year, where you could excuse losses by pointing out that you just weren't talented.  The problem is a moral one, and right now you people don't deserve to wear that crown on the front of your jersey.  Maybe that doesn't mean anything to you, but it means everything to me.  Get it together, right now.