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Ducks Gameday—Back in the day...

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Anaheim Ducks (18-13-3, 6th in west) at Calgary Flames (18-11-4, 5th in west)
How's the weather, Bertuzzi?

How about some nostalgia from when these teams really hated each other?

Among the highlights: the Iginla/Lambert scuffle that should have been stopped like three times, a hug-fest between future linemates Rob Niedermayer and Mike Leclerc, a Giguere ejection for smothering a Tverdovsky fight, and a flat-out mugging of Jeff Friesen.  By the end of the game there were 3 or 4 players left on each team's bench.  This may have been the game that caused the last-five-minutes instigator rule, but damn, the Calgary fans loved it.  Besides, when's the last time you've seen Sergei Krivokrasov throw a punch?

Prediction: Ducks 4, Flames 1, in a relatively civil match. Goals by Perry, Kunitz, Pahlsson, and Marchant.

Go Ducks.