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Kings Gameday: Too Much Turkey

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LA Kings (14-16-6) @ Phoenix Coyotes (17-14-5)

6:00 PST, Fox Sports West


The Kings played like shit for most of last night, with the possible exceptions of Patrick O'Sullivan, Wayne Simmonds and Jonathan Quick.

I think the Kyle Quincey magic may be dissipating.  We need Jack back.

Sean O'Donnell is old.

Drew Doughty is young.

So is Anze Kopitar.

The Kings played well in the 3rd, which is meaningless to me.  Play well in the 1st and 2nd.

Peter Mueller hadn't scored in 21 games?  That's insane.

How can the Kings not beat the Coyotes?  I once played on a shitty team and we had a game against a team that featured the 2 best players on my college team.  Not wanting to get shown up, I played out of my mind and held the two of them to one goal (on a rebound).  Of course, I also allowed this shitty dude on their team to score 2 goals on easy shots because I rested when it wasn't one of my college teammates taking a shot.  Maybe that's what the Kings do: "OK, cool, we don't have to play Anaheim or San Jose tonight, we can take it easy."  Play with urgency, damn you.

Prediction: Kings win, 1-0.  Goal by Brown.