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Tough way to lose

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So the Sharks yawned their way to a 3-1 win over the Stars. Fear the Fin features a breakdown of the game and an oddly accurate photo of what overweight Texas girls look like (not that there's anything wrong with that).

The Stars out-shot, out-hit and generally "out-hustled" the Sharks for most of the game (doesn't it seem hypocritical for someone who rarely ever hustles to point out someone else's questionable hustle?).

But all of that elbow grease, or whatever, mattered very little because the Stars' powerplay was impotent. They went 0-for-6 and did next to nothing with a full minute 5-on-3.

Mike Ribeiro had a pretty good game doing his usual solid yet morally questionably routine (highlighted by his drawing a penalty). Jere Lehtinen seemed active as well. In general, the Stars did a lot of things right but they generally lacked any real pizazz.

Evgeni Nabokov made some outstanding saves in those occasional pockets of action (his toe saves were particularly impressive). And, as always, Jumbo Joe was a joy to watch.

That Milan Michalek goal was astounding, though. A very clear dagger, shot from his knees. Even though Dallas was able to pull close late in the game it seemed clear that 2-0 was deflating for them.

So, now the question is: will the Stars use the fact that they took it to the best team in hockey for motivation or will they mope about losing a game they arguably should have won? One thing I do know: it's not going to get much easier.