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At Least Budaj is on My Fantasy Team

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Well that sucked.  There's not a whole lot you can say after a game like that other than, "Wow."  Well, you can say a lot of 4-letter words too, but that's not constructive.  There are a lot of things that go into a loss like that: the other team has to play very well (Colorado did a great job suppressing shots from Kings' defenders and dominated bottom line play), your team has to play poorly (Harrold blew that Smyth PP goal, Labarbera... Jesus) and there has be a little luck involved (Laperriere blindly swipes at the puck and it bounces off a King right to Chris Stewart for a breakaway).  It all adds up to an ass-beating.  Like, if there's an ass in front of you, you're going to mutter, "Wow, that ass got beat.  Is it bleeding?  Gross."


The Kings have been pretty lucky so far this season and have avoided any blowouts before tonight; their worst loss had been against Calgary, 6-2.  I've enjoyed not having so many blowout losses like last year, but you have to figure it's going to happen at least once or twice a season.  All you can hope is that it doesn't become a trend. This game was bad, but this game and this game were way worse.  Of course, trying to figure out the worst Kings loss of the past few years is like trying to figure out the gayest part of The Phantom(I vote for the part where Billy Zane strangles a man with his thighs.)


There's only one way you can really rebound after a game like this and that's to just forget it ever happened.  It's almost easier to get over a blowout because it's so one-sided and so terrible that you can kind of forget it.  It's like how veterans suppress seeing their best friend get blown up by an IED or how I forget that ugly girl I boned; you just pretend it never happened and act confused when someone asks you about it (or when she tells you she's pregnant).*  A tough loss, like the one against Detroit, is harder to get over because you could visualize the victory, could see it happen before it was snatched away from you.  There was no chance the Kings were going to win tonight so you don't feel that sense of loss. 

*I recommend wearing a Groucho mask and a fedora and then saying, "Who eez thees Rudy?" when they talk to you.**

**Bonus points if you know where that's from.


Of course, that doesn't mean you don't get really fucking depressed.  You know what the saddest part is?  My roommate bought The Dark Knight today and wanted to watch it, but I made him wait until the game was over.  I'd rather watch the 3rd period of a blowout than watch The Dark Knight.  I think I have a problem.

(Also, and this is irrelevant, but when Chris Stewart scored a goal I yelled, "Fuck," and threw my phone across the room, then stopped and said aloud, "Hey, he looks just like James Loney."  He does!)