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Winter Classic Live Blog*

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* assuming technology works the way I think it does

Mike Chen on his blog has thought about the prospects of someday having a Winter Classic in California, but for now, I suppose this circus they have going in Chicago will do.  Whatever the hype, it's still a 2-to-3 point game between two teams solidly in the west's top-eight.  And for a majority of BoC squads, that matters (wink!).

James Mirtle, in some circles known as the "Winter Classic of Bloggers", is hosting a mega-liveblog that involves many points of this SBN interweb plus the Yahooity of Puck DaddY! -- with all that web-savvy, who knows what might happen?  At any rate, I'm on the panel of hosts as a "possible show up" -- because who really knows where or in what shape I'll be in this morning (oh yeah, I pre-recorded this post last night, in case I somehow found myself too hammered to do anything sensible later).  I may show up, I may stumble in halfway through the game and swear up the place, or I might miss it entirely.  It's all in fate's hands now.

So if this whole future-posting thing works the way I think it should, this 9 am post should simul-cast the liveblog for the 10 am game.  If it all fucks up, just go to Mirtle's site and figure it out from there.  (Knocks on wood)  Here goes!

Oh, and for taunting purposes, SBN's Wings blog is Winging it in Motown, and its Hawks blog is Second City Hockey.  Somebody's losing on a big stage tonightday -- can't wait to find out who.