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Chico Resch is an Idiot

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-Here's the New Jersey perspective, courtesy of In Lou We Trust.

-The Kings can not score to save their lives.  They outshot and outhit the Devils and lost, 5-1.

-Brian Boyle played pretty well and showed some physicality out there.

-Drew Doughty is pretty good, man.

-The Kings need someone that can shoot on the power play in the worst way.  Oscar Moller would be good.

-I guess I haven't mentioned that yet, so I'll say that the Swedes' decision to not x-ray Moller's shoulder was a bad one.  Like, a terrible decision.  He's a 19 year-old kid playing for his country in the biggest tournament of his life, of course he says he's going to be fine.  It's the national team's job to look after these kids.  Of course, if Swedes were smart they'd be Norwegians so I guess I can't blame them.

-When the Devils got a penalty, Chico ejaculated, "Oh no!"  C'mon, man, at least try.

-Dustin Brown is reaching a status in the league where he's pretty much universally beloved.  I get annoyed watching the broadcasts of opposing teams because they always spend about 5 minutes fawning all over him.  He's basically become Grady Sizemore, without the flock of ladies following him around.

-Here's Brown's hit on Oduya last night:

-The Kings let in 3 power play goals last night but I'm not sure what you do when 2 of them were scored in 4 seconds or less.  Stop losing the faceoffs so cleanly, I guess, but that's not something you can fix during the game.

-I'll have the midseason round-up tomorrow, which is going to be long and boring, so set aside some time to read that.  If your boss gives you shit just let me know and I'll beat the hell out of him for you.  Seriously.  I have a bat.