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Kings v. Lightning: No Cajones

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-What will be the score against the Red Wings?  5-1?  10-0?  Good thing I'm going to the game.  Goddammit.

-How does no one go after Evgeny Artukhin after his hit on Drew Doughty?  The Kings' director did a great job showing that Artukhin extended his knee directly into Doughty's thigh (it looked like his balls to me) and yet only Sean O'Donnell did anything about it.  If a marginal NHL player knocks your 18 year-old #1 defenseman out of the game, then you do something about it.  If Artukhin doesn't want to go, then you make him go.  No cajones.

-Here's a fairly good bout featuring Ivanans and David Koci:

I didn't catch why the got game misconducts on top of their fighting majors.  Because they jumped out of the way of the linesmen so they could fight?

-I can count on one hand the number of times a King actually tried to carry the puck into the zone last night.  The only players on this team that actually drive to the net are Dustin Brown and occasionally Wayne Simmonds.  Kopitar had O'Sullivan on the wing with him and entered the Lightning zone with two defenders in front of him; perfect time to make a move on one while O'Sullivan occupies the other, right?  Nope!  Kopitar inexplicably held up about 3 feet above the circle and passed it back to a trailing defender, who took a shot that was blocked.  That's frustrating as hell to watch.

-Ersberg let in some bad goals last night, but I think he was frustrated that two of them came off turnovers in the defensive zone.  I felt bad but I couldn't stop laughing when he was muttering and angrily tugging on his cap after he got pulled.  He looked like he just got sent to his room for hitting his sister.

-After last night's game the Kings held a closed-door meeting.  Good.  That kind of effort is inexcusable.  I don't care if the Kings suck (well I do, but I understand why), but they have to try harder than that.  Frolov, Kopitar, O'Sullivan, they all played terrible.  They better not have that kind of effort against Detroit, or I will go down to the locker room and ream them before security throws me out.  ("Who the hell was that guy?"  "I don't know, some nut.  Pass the Gatorade, huh?")