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Loudmouths and a Mid-Season Look at the Stars

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As I've mentioned before, I don't intend to flog my personal NHL blog too often in this space. Since there's a moderate BoC connection, though, I figured some of you might enjoy the discussion regarding the biggest loudmouth in the NHL.


Three of the "contestants" are BoC relevant. Jeremy Roenick, Brett Hull and Sean Avery made the list along with such hot air luminaries as Don Cherry and John Tortorella.

What would be some good categories left off the list that would play especially well with the BoC? Elbow Thrower of the Decade, Best Hockey Groupie of the past ten years and Most Beloved Defensive Forward come to my mind.

Follow the jump for some random Stars bits, including something that will make Buffalo Sabres fans livid.

For the first time in months I had a chance to pick up a physical copy of the Dallas Morning News and there were some interesting Stars tidbits jammed into its perpetually shrinking sports section.

Jean Jacques Taylor made some salient points about the Stars' big money players falling short of expectations then challenged the boundries of credibility by calling Brett Hull's infamous foot in the crease Cup winning goal "legit."


After all these years, what do Stars fans really think? Is it one of those *shrug* "gotta be good to be lucky" responses or do you fervently endorse the legitimacy of that goal? Curious to learn how deluded people are how you guys feel.

To Taylor's credit, he pointed out a quirky little storyline most people would easily forget about.

Ryan Miller, a former Michigan State Spartan is going against former Michigan Wolverine Marty Turco. It's too bad these guys aren't on the same team, because then they could have a kick ass "at first they rumble over past rivalries but ultimately bond over their mutual hatred of Herb Brooks" character arc.

I think I've been watching too much "Miracle" lately.


If hockey has "made men" like the mafia, then Mike Modano is absolutely in that category. You may remember a few years back, he and his super hot wife Willa Ford raised a minor ruckus by criticizing the way the Stars handled the transfer of his captaincy to Brenden Morrow.

He already criticized Avery's behavior, but he recently was quoted in full-on Hindsight 20/20 mode. If that was any Star other than maybe Morrow, he'd probably get some serious heat for his comments.

Even if, you know, they're correct.

Paulie: "We got this, er, uh ... kid. From Minnesota. Bangs a lot of hot broads ..."

There were a lot of good things to take away from the Stars' sloppy but exciting come-from-behind victory over Detroit, but the most interesting stat is that the Stars launched 49 shots at Chris Osgood. That's the most shots on goal for the Stars since 1997.

That might be an interesting stat to keep an eye on as this season goes on. They've outshot their opponents in eight of their last 10 games, including outshooting the Red Wings by 18 and somehow losing to the Edmonton Oilers even though they piled on 20 more shots.

I guess they want to take the games out of Turco's suddenly shaky hands.

Stars beat writer Mike Heika handed out his mid-season grades. Ultimately, though, the Stars season is going to come down to improving their penalty kill and Marty Turco playing at an above-minor league level. To his credit, Turco has shown some improvement in the last two months.

The next 41 games will determine a lot of the Stars future, so it should be very interesting to watch. With games against Buffalo, LA, Atlanta, Tampa Bay and Florida, they have a chance to make up some serious ground. This may end up being the stretch that people point to when looking back at a lost season or a nice run to the playoffs.

It's going to be quite a grind, but the Stars have as good a chance as any of the bubble teams to make it happen.