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Kings Gameday: Good Things to Take From the Detroit Game

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LA Kings @ Dallas Stars- The Fight for Fourth!

11:00 AM, Fox Sports West







Nick Nickson pointed this out on KingsTalk on Thursday night:

Kopitar: 1 G in last 10 games

Frolov: 3 G in last 10

Brown: 1 G in last 10

O'Sullivan: 1 G in last 10

Stoll: 1 G in last 10

Handzus: 0 G in last 10


This is really sad to say, but the Kings need Oscar Moller back.




Jack's back!  Over/under on his TOI tonight: 18 minutes.  I'm taking the over.


Prediction: Kings win, 5-3.  Goals by Johnson, Brown (x2), Westgarth, and Simmonds. 

(Here's Defending Big D with your Dallas perspective.  Despite being from Dallas, I find him surprisingly literate.  There's not one "y'all!")