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Have some more sloppy joes

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Even for a team known to be historically bland, the Stars might just be last place in the NHL in style points. The Buffalo Sabres managed to come back from a 3-0 lead on Thursday and beat Dallas in a shootout, while the Kings managed to Talbot the Stars with a goal in the waning seconds.

(Beauty of a pass from Anze Kopitar, by the way.)

This allowed the Stars to get five out of a possible six points on their three game homestand, even if it might have been in the ugliest fashion possible. They next go on the road to Tampa Bay and Florida, two games that could allow them to be within a breath of the playoffs going into the All-Star game.

The bad news is that they expell a lead more violently than a Steve-o vomit. The good news is that Mike Ribeiro made some big plays, scoring the second goal and the shootout winner. More good news is that Jere Lehtinen looked pretty lively again, scoring an enormous goal to tie the game 1-1 almost by himself.

Four straight games have gone to overtime. It certainly would be a gift to Dave Tippett's blood pressure if the Stars showed some killer instinct.

As for the Kings, Rudy Kelly's covered this base quite well but it indeed is impressive how much LA's defense is improving. It will be interesting to see if the Kings could snag one of the best UFA targets this summer (there's some great two-way forwards in Henrik Zetterberg and Marian Hossa). They have some nice young offensive guys but adding one more gamebreaker (and maybe a legit no. 1) would make the Kings a seriously dangerous threat.

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