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Where are thou Cheechoo?

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I spent half the season wondering where Cheech has been.  I think all Sharks fans gave him a pass last season because of the hernia surgery and he just never looked healthy all season long.  This was to be his bounce back year.  Reunited with Thornton nobody expected 56 goals but 30 would of been nice.  Cheech's slow start was masked by the team's fast start and Seto seemed to settle in on the Patty/Joe line.  Another injury seemed to slow him down again this year but he seems to be finally coming around.  2 goals and 3 assists in his last 5 games doesn't sound like much but you always know he is playing well when he is around the puck and the puck seems to hovering around him like the old days.  Plus it doesn't hurt to have Joe feeding you the puck.  It will be interesting to see what happens now that Seto is back.  What does McClellan do now?  The last game versus Minnesota there were times Joe was playing w/ Cheech and Seto and Patty seemed to be on the 4th line.  (The game was not on TV so it was hard to tell if he was just double shifting of being punished.)  It will be a nice problem to have but is it possible to have 4 guys on 1 line? 

Young D-man Derek Joslin was brought up today and it sounds like he will get a chance to play.  I was hoping another Dman would be brought in just so Semenov doesn't see the ice again..  With Murray nursing an injury and Ehrhoff being his old inconsistent self Joslin will get a chance to prove himself.

Interesting article on ESPN about the next Winter Classic location

I think the Colorado Avalanche are pretty interested. Believe it or not, so are the San Jose Sharks. And the believe-it-or-not rumor this week was a possible game in SoCal involving the Los Angeles Kings. But as our colleague Mark Spector of Rogers Sportsnet argued this week, it's not about the 100,000 crowds.

I am guessing they meant having a game at the LA Coliseum.   That would be interesting but I am guessing that won't happen anytime soon.  I would guess the next one would be at the new Yankee stadium or Fenway.