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San Jose Sharks second quarter highlight video

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Here is a San Jose Sharks highlight video for the second 20 games of the season to the song "Scary" by the Mad Capsule Markets. Running out of up-temp metal songs to use for videos.  The highlight video for the first 20 games is up here.

The Sharks finished 14-2-4 in the second quarter, down slightly from a hot 16-1-3 start after the first 20 games. Also noted on my blog "Goals for dropped from 73 to 66 as the Sharks were held without a power play goal in 7 games, but goals against also dropped from 49 to 47 helped by a string of 26 straight penalty kills". The Sharks struggled somewhat in December, with faceoffs, scoring by the defense, and power plays dipping slightly from previous norms. Radio analyst Jamie Baker said today on Vancouver's Team 1040AM that it was also mental fatigue, and that any team would have trouble keeping up that dominant a pace whether they had injuries or not.

Been sidelined for 2 weeks with an illness, and while I am not 100% I am functioning well enough to order pho at a Vietnamese restaurant and well enough to operate the remote for NHL Center Ice and the NHL Network. Two necessities for modern living.

St Louis still has nightmares about Douglas Murray. Rudy, those Turco clips are for you.