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Sharks Gameday: No Time For Snarky Titles

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San Jose (34-6-5) at Colorado (23-23-1)

6:00 PM PST

A quick one as I'm short on time today, but some news and notes from the game tonight:

-Rob Blake is hoping to be back in the lineup. I had a dream, a beautiful dream the other night where Alexei Semenov wasn't in the lineup.

-No Torrey Mitchell news. I'm taking that as bad news.

-Claude Lemieux (yes, that's still weird) isn't sure how he'll be greeted in Colorado. I'm guessing better than he will be in Detroit.

-AOL Fanhouse recognizes Randy and Drew as some of the league's best broadcasters. I think they should get a bump in the rankings simply because they endorse the Sharks Drinking Game.

Prediction: Sharks 4, Avs 1. Goals by Marleau, Boyle, Grier, Pavelski.