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Kings Gameday: What the Hell is Twitter?

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LA Kings vs. Chicago Blackhawks

7:30 PST, Radio


Frank Sinatra: Twitter.  What is this crap?  Sinead O'Connor, go.


Have to say, I've never heard of this shit until I found out the Kings are twittering now.  I don't know, apparently it's like the Facebook update thing except it's really annoying and bothers you anywhere?  Here's an example of a stirring Kings update:

Kings practicing at TSC.

Holy fuck, thanks Twitter.  Good thing you made me look like an asshole for setting my phone off in the middle of a meeting to tell me that.  I mean, are people so desperate to stay in contact with other human beings that they have to let them know where they are at all times?  Or is it just that people want something new because people actually use Facebook now? 

And that's another thing: Twitter.  What the hell kind of name is that?  It sounds like someone who jacks off in public places without pulling their penis out of their pants.  Oh, and my roommate just explained to me that the term for when someone posts on Twitter is "tweeting."  As Ralph Garmin might say,

Prediction: Kings win, 5-3.  Patrick Kane scores a goal and then immediately tweets about it.

(This is what the Kings get when they don't bother to broadcast their home games.)