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Sharks Gameday: Drinking With The Great One

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Phoenix Coyotes (24-20-5) at San Jose Sharks (35-6-5)

7:30 PM, PST

Typical gameday posts talk about the strengths and weaknesses of the opponent, the trends the Sharks are facing, injury updates, and so on.

Not this time. As requested, here are the rules of the Sharks Drinking Game that is often referred to on TV. This fellow over here keeps a complete list, including plays and game moments (which I don't's strictly a Randy and Drew thing for me). Here are the main rules:

Drink whenever Randy or Drew say the following:

  • Drink when Drew or Randy refer to Canada.
  • Drink when Drew or Randy refer to cold weather (or SJ's lack of it).
  • Drink when Drew or Randy refer to "the guys in the truck" or "the TV truck."
  • Drink when Drew or Randy refer to the Emmy Awards.
  • Drink when Drew or Randy refer to Shark Byte.
  • Drink when Drew or Randy mention a player by the player's nickname (such as "Pickles" for Vlasic).
  • Drink when Drew or Randy refers to someone's hair or fashion sense.
  • Drink if you can say the correct answer to the Ask the Crew With Randy and Drew question, before they answer it.
  • Drink when Drew or Randy refer to Drew's time with Hockey Night in Canada.
  • Drink when Drew refers to his time with the Sharks as an assistant coach.
  • Drink when Drew says a player is "one of my boys/guys" (you could get a nice buzz on this one alone!).
  • Drink when Drew says "head on a swivel."
  • Drink when Drew complains about a diving penalty called at the same time as slashing/holding penalty.
  • Drink when Randy refers to Dan Rusanowsky.
    Add one more drink if he says "the lovely and talented Dan Rusanowsky."
  • Drink when Randy comments about a team icing the puck on the power play "and that's never a good idea."
  • Drink when Randy totally freaks out about a Sharks goal, especially if he says "they score!" three times in a row.
  • That covers the official rules. As the site owner hasn't updated since 2007 (AKA The Ron Wilson Era), here are a few rules of my own.

    • Drink when the Drew's Clues segment is introduced.
    • Drink when Drew apologizes when he admits the refs were right and he was wrong.
    • Drink when Drew complains about Ehrhoff shooting the puck high or wide (not as necessary this season).
    • Drink when Drew counts the number of players via telestrater on a Too Many Men penalty.
    • Drink when Drew mumbles something so low that it's unintelligible.
    • And just for games against the Coyotes, drink whenever the camera shows Wayne Gretzky screaming, yelling, grimmacing, or doing anything to express his fury.

    Now, your challenge as a dedicated BoC reader -- play the Sharks Drinking Game and leave comments as you're playing. Oh, the wackiness that will ensue.

    Prediction: Sharks 4, Coyotes 3 in overtime (the extra point in the standings hurts the Ducks' cause). Goals by Marleau, Ehrhoff (who didn't shoot wide), Clowe, and Grier.