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Kings-Dodgers Gameday: R-E-S-P-S... I mean, E-C-T

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Dodgers @ St. Louis Cardinals, 3:07 PST, TBS

Kings @ St. Louis Blues, 5:00 PST, Fox Sports West


Well played, schedulers: I didn't think they could top Thursday's Anaheim-Boston doubleheader, but they managed to do so by putting Los Angeles vs. St. Louis in one city and at nearly the same time.  While Vicente Padilla is battling Albert Pujols in one spot, Jonathan Quick will be holding off David Backes in another.  Should make for pretty exciting television and a heart attack for me.

In both games, I think the Los Angeles team has been underrated.  The Cardinals got all the pub because they had Carpenter and Wainwright and Pujols and Holliday, while to the rest of the world the Dodgers had only Manny and some other guys.  While the Cardinals were rated highly because of their superstars, the Blues are rated highly because of their depth.  And again, the Kings are pretty much dismissed as a being only a superstar (Kopitar) and some other guys.  I don't know, maybe it's just me, but I think for every Brad Boyes there's a Alex Frolov and for every David Backes there's a Dustin Brown.  We even have our own douche bag injury-prone veteran (Ryan Smyth) to match theirs (Paul Kariya).  They have Erik Johnson, we have Jack Johnson; they have Alex Pietrangelo, we have Drew Doughty.  The only real difference between the two teams are the goaltenders (where I think St. Louis has a slight advantage) and in superstars, as the Blues don't have anyone like Kopitar.  I think he'll be the difference tonight.

Also, St. Louis sucks, if you've never been there.  I was there in April a couple years ago and I swear to God it was 25 degrees outside.  They're the Gateway to the West, but I'm pretty sure that's because people got to St. Louis, looked around, and said, "Fuck this, I'm taking my chances with the buffalo."

Prediction: Dodgers lose, 6-3, leaving Chad Billingsley to be the hero tomorrow.  Kings win, 4-1, with goals by Wayne Simmonds (x2), Johnson and Matt Kemp.