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Scuderi's Hit on Chimera

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The hit took place in the 1st period of LA's dismantling of the Columbus Blue Jackets, as Jason Chimera chipped the puck into the Kings' zone. Rob Scuderi went to hip check Chimera into the boards and it looks to me like Scuderi started to lose his balance as he bent over for the hit so he ended up going lower than he meant to. Still, dangerous hit and Chimera's lucky he didn't break his neck. I imagine Scuderi will at least get fined, much like Alexander Ovechkin was earlier this week for his slew foot.*

*I'll always remember a Kings game a while ago where Marty McSorley got a penalty for slew footing. They zoomed in on him as he went to the penalty box and I read his lips as he said, "What the fuck is slew footing?" I ask myself that sometimes.

The whole game was Youtube-worthy, what with Alexander Frolov's highlight reel goal to ice the game in the third, Dustin Brown checking himself into his own bench, Steve Mason playing like Perry Mason (that doesn't make sense), Scott Parse laying out a nice hit, Anze Kopitar extending his NHL scoring lead, and some ponce from Columbus getting thrown out of the game for I guess coming off the bench to try to fight Scuderi. Entertaining game and a nice win for the Kings. I have a feeling Blue Jackets fans are probably feeling pretty suicidal right now but I wouldn't worry much if I were them. The Kings lost a bad game near the end of a road trip against Columbus a week ago; it was only fair they get to return the favor.

The real player of the game for the Kings was Bailey, who made me laugh like 4 times tonight. First he was sitting in a premier seat behind the net when the Kings scored their first goal for some reason and it was surreal enough to make me giggle. Then he made me feel bad for Jason Chimera. Chimera, obviously frustrated because he had almost died earlier in the game and because the Blue Jackets were getting their asses handed to them, took a swipe at the back of Alexander Frolov's head to try to goad the Kings into a fight late in the third period. He was largely ignored by the Kings, though, and only Bailey was willing to put up his dukes; unfortunately, they were separated by the glass. Oh Bailey, you card.