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Ducks Gameday -- Last night's Treat had better not be a Trick

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Anaheim Ducks (4-6-1, 9 pts) at Phoenix Coyotes (8-4-0, 16 pts), 6 pm
More Halloween festivites at Five For Howling or Anaheim Calling.

Nothing today except a good-luck cartoon (seemed to help out yesterday).

It's both a cheap shot at the Coyotes and a metaphor about late-arriving Ducks -- lazy Saturday special.

Prediction: Yesterday after the first five minutes, the Ducks finally dressed up as an NHL team -- let's hope they wear the costume one more night at least.  Ducks 4, Coyotes 1.  Goals by Selanne, Koivu, Lupul, and Wisniewski.

Have a Happy Halloween, folks!  Go Ducks.