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Gargamel Finally Caught Those Rotten Smurfs

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It's like that part in To Kill a Mockingbird where Atticus kills the rabid dog; I mean, you know he's pretty cool and everything but you never knew he could do anything like that.  Raitis Ivanans was a man possessed during that sequence, frantically trying to get at Brad Staubitz* before turning his ire to an unsuspecting Jody Shelley.  The best part is that Shelley grabbed him from behind and got a few licks in as soon as he turned Ivanans around, but Raitis recovered and put a beating on poor Jody.  Ivanans is usually methodical when he fights, using his weight advantage to pull someone off balance before throwing a few jabs, but tonight he was trying to hurt someone.

There's absolutely no way Kevin Westgarth could fight like that.  Now if only Raitis would fight like that all the time.

*What the fuck, Brad Staubitz?  He just didn't know it was an icing, right?  There's no way he thought it'd be a good idea to rock a defenseman who is touching up for icing while said defenseman is already engaged with another player, right?  Also, it's cool that Ivanans jumped in immediately, but it's also cool that Drew Doughty and Brad Richardson did so as well.