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Sharks Gameday: An Extra Hour Of Sleep

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San Jose Sharks (9-4-1) at Carolina Hurricanes (2-7-3), 10:30 AM PST

(For the opposition view, check out my buddy David Lee of Red & Black Hockey. David's got the best taste in music of any hockey blogger I know.)

Just a quicky gameday for this one. First off, if you're reading this in the morning and you haven't changed your clock yet, it's the "fall back" part of daylight go back to bed for an hour!

A few quick notes:

-The Hurricanes have lost a bazillion straight, including a 6-1 spanking at the hands of the Flyers yesterday. One might think that'd be easy pickings for the Sharks, but San Jose has a tendency of helping teams get out of slumps over the years. It'd be helpful if that whole "play a full 60 minutes" thing finally comes through.

-Ryane Clowe is a notoriously streaky scorer. Since he popped in a goal on Friday night, I'm betting he'll be hot for the next five or six games.

-If you missed it during the broadcast last game, Torrey Mitchell's finally able to skate without any pain. Hopefully we'll see him back in the lineup before Thanksgiving.

-Scott Nichol's play reminds me of the occasional good shift Todd Harvey used to have -- banging, crashing, and generally pissing people off. Nichol's got much better wheels, though, and he sure likes to, um, embellish the play.

-Maybe the captain's C just weighs down whoever wears it, because Rob Blake sure looks two steps slow this season. It feels like it's almost a given that he'll take a bad holding/hooking penalty each game.

-Sunday morning game, then Wednesday night in Columbus. That's a bit of a layoff, so let's hope the Sharks keep the momentum rolling.

Prediction: Sharks 4, Canes 2. Goals by Boyle, Clowe (2), and Heatley.