Thoughts on the Devils-Ducks and a stupid bet

well since ill be getting sliced tommorow and wont be at a comp wanting to give thoughts on this game.

Last time I belive ryan carter had a big game against the devils..that might have been 2 ducks-devils ago but its what I remember.

When our top line is a duck fan you get the biggest wood..(or nipples get hard if your a gal)..and feel like we cant be defeated...cuz last year we rode that to the western conference finals...on one fucking line!!

so Im optomistic for sure..also with teemu getting those PP goals also makes me smile

I also like our special teams seems they made a change and are passing faster on the PP and playing more disciplined in there PK box

I think after this long home stand a road trip is in order and at the right time...towards the (specifically the pens game) we found somthing I belive..we should ride that momentumand and have a sucessful Road trip..

the Kings getting waxed the last 2 games also makes me belive things might be getting back to the way they should be

this all hope of course..the opposite might happen..the road trip and travelling might disrupt this new found momentum and we might start sucking donkey balls again..but well c

if anyone wants to send flowers...send a porno mag (no gay porn you sons of bitches)or a 6-pac of somthing Imported instead to:

6969 West Metal Ballsack dr.
Victorhell, Ca, 90909


on a unrelated side note I made a stupid bet with my cowboys fan friend (the guy who does my tats)..tha my team the steelers will reach 10 wins first..before the cowboys..If I lose I gotta get a cowboys logo tatted..yikes!! likewise hell have to get a steelers watching last nite i got nervous when we started slow..but we came back and won..whew

so everyone root against the cowboys as I dont want that ugly fuckin logo on me!!!..i need Boc karma!!

god Im stupid somtimes...

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