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Sharks Gameday: New Feature!

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Dallas Stars (7-4-6) at San Jose Sharks (13-4-2), 7:30 PST

Just a quick one today as non-hockey writing is taking up this afternoon. I'll admit, I haven't seen too much from the Dallas Stars this season. I know Brad Richards is doing well, I know they've adjusted to Marc Crawford's new system, I know Marty Turco isn't having the horrific season he had last year. But that's all from seeing highlights and reading box scores, I haven't actually sat down to watch pretty much any Stars hockey this season.

(Part of this is because I'm becoming an HD snob in my short time with Center Ice in HD, and I can't figure out why a Stars HD broadcast consists of a SD broadcast with the FSN logo on either side.)

So what to expect for tonight? Battles against Dallas used to be terrific rivalry games, but it really seems like the focus of Sharks fans has gone to Anaheim, probably because they all love the BoC so much. No real injury update, but two days have passed since Torrey Mitchell went down to Worcestor and he hasn't broken his leg walking into the practice facility yet, so that's good news.

By the way, from the comments and emails I got about the Marleau debate, it sounds like everyone wants him to stay despite the cap hit. Some of you are even supporting Ken Holland-esque long-term deals to lower the cap value. Better start the letter-writing campaign to Doug Wilson.

I'm starting a new Gameday feature, which Sleek and Rudy can steal if they want. It's called The ______ I Would Want On My Team, and it's pretty self-explanatory. Here's the first official entry:

The Star I Would Want On My Team: Brenden Morrow, despite his somewhat annoying tendencies to kick the shit out of the Sharks over and over, is a guy that I greatly respect. He's a heart-and-soul leader, a guy who lets his passion push his skills to another level, and he's dependable in all situations. I remember a conversation I had with my dad right after the Sharks were eliminated and I asked him what he thought the Sharks should do. His answer was "Get Brenden Morrow." If only that were possible, Dad.

Prediction: Sharks 3, Stars 2. Goals by Setoguchi, Clowe, and Boyle.