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Sharks Gameday: I Heart Jeremy Roenick

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San Jose Sharks (14-4-3) at Chicago Blackhawks (11-5-2), 4:00 PST

Note: For Sharks fans in the Chicago area that are going to the game, pick up a copy of the Committed Indian outside of the United Center. You'll see stuff from myself and Jason Plank of Fear The Fin.

It's Jeremy Roenick night at the United Center, and we should all celebrate how awesome Jeremy Roenick is. Oh, you mean Jeremy Roenick the actual hockey player? No, I meant the video game character. In honor of JR, both on the Sega Genesis and on the ice, here's why he was unstoppable:

As for JR the player -- whether he wore #27 or #97, he was still awesome. For me personally, being a Roenick fan has infiltrated much more of my life than any pro sports player should have.

Who's more inspired, JR's first team or his final team? I hope it's the latter.

The Blackhawk I Would Want On My Team: Can I pick JR circa 1993? No, that doesn't count. I'm gonna go with Duncan Keith, a guy who's reliable defensively, hard-nosed, and has a touch of offensive talent. You need shut-down guys like him, and right now, Keith's one of the best.

Prediction: Sharks 3, Blackhawks 2 (OT). Goals by Boyle, Marleau, and Setoguchi.