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Kings Gameday: There's No Time, There's Never Any Time!

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Los Angeles Kings
@ Chicago Blackhawks

Monday, Nov 9, 2009, 5:00 PM PST
United Center

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I know there's a lot going on today, what with Luc Robitaille's induction into the Hall of Fame and the Kings playing the Blackhawks tonight and Earl's recent revelation that he's gay, but I'm busy like a bee* and need to do other shit instead of dancing around with cymbals in my hands for your amusement.

*Are bees busy? We don't really know what they're doing in that hive. Maybe they're just hanging out.

Here's a quick recap of the big stories:

-Luc Robitaille is awesome

-Anze Kopitar made Sidney Crosby his bitch

-The Predators made the Kings their bitches

-No one knows if the Kings are good or not yet

-Mambo dog!

Prediction: Kings win, 1-0. Goal by Luc Robitaille.