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Kings Gameday: I'm Going to Poll You

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Next Game

Phoenix Coyotes
@ Los Angeles Kings

Thursday, Dec 10, 2009, 7:30 PM PST
Staples Center

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So I was texting my brother during the game on Monday (the one against Calgary) and I described Simmonds as a "train made of meat." He texted back, "You're retarded, that doesn't make any sense; Simmonds is obviously a train that carries meat" I told him that wasn't intimidating at all, unlike a train physically made of meat. He said, "Who the fuck would that scare?" and I replied, "I don't know... vegetarians?" The point is, if we're going full bore with this Meat Train thing, we need to decide this: is he a Train of Meat (stupid), or is he a Meat Train (awesome)? This is very important.


Also important: tonight's game. The Kings are only 3 points out of first in their division, but Phoenix is only 4 points behind LA. The Kings are coming off a pretty emotional game but it's important for them to buckle down tonight and play tight defensive hockey. Most importantly, they need to make sure they're making crisp passes out of their own zone because Phoenix likes to jump in on mistakes any chance they can get.


If Sharks fans were mad last night, how mad are they going to be when Patrick Marleau signs with Los Angeles in the off-season?

Prediction: Kings win, 3-2. Goals by Meat Train, Frolov and Kopitar.