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Sharks Gameday: Spinal TAAAAAAAAAAP!

San Jose Sharks (19-7-7) at Phoenix Coyotes (18-11-2), 5:00 PST

(Please tell me you've seen the immortal This Is Spinal Tap before you read this.)

Apologies for missing yesterday's Gameday. Just got swamped with work stuff. Yeah, yeah, lame excuse. And I have a jam-packed Saturday, which means I've only got time for two words regarding how the Sharks play -- soft defense, weak offense, bad goaltending, and poor penalties; yes all of that -- has been:

Now, with that in mind, let's please the Coyotes to Bitch School tonight.

The Coyote I'd Like On My Team: Shane Doan's always had that mix of everything you want in a player -- tough, two-way play, nasty in the corners but soft hands for big goals. And I hear he's a hell of a guy off the ice to fans. Kinda like Owen Nolan without that whole "I'm a prick to fans" thing.

Prediction: Sharks 2, Coyotes 1. Evgeni Nabokov outduels Team Russia teammate Ilya Bryzgalov. Goals by Pavelski and Boyle.