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BoC Gameday: Unholy Alliance

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My God, man. Who would have thought come mid-December, the Sharks would be trailing the Kings (with two games in hand, but still) and the Ducks would be pulling up the conference cellar? And with a big battle tonight in HP Pavilion between Anaheim and San Jose, methinks it's time for the Chens and the Sleeks to put aside their differences and join in a battle against a mutual enemy. After all, there's panic in San Jose after five straight losses and Anaheim is filled with a semi-false sense of positivity -- what can be done?

Cue dramatic speech from Army of Darkness (I keep going back there, huh?):

Rob Blake: That's it.  Go ahead and run.  Run home and cry to Gary Bettman. Me?  I'm through runnin'.  I say we stay here and fight it out!
Dan Boyle: Are all men from Los Angeles loud mouth braggarts?
Blake: Nope.  Just me baby... just me.
Boyle: How will we fight Anze Kopitar from HP Pavilion?  How will you fight that?  More words?  Most of our players have already had injuries this year. We are but a bunch of players and Kent Huskins.
Blake: Then we'll get Scott Niedermayer and his men to fight with us.  Now...Who's with me?{awkward pause}

So the game plan tonight is to start the game at 4-4 (to ensure free pizzas for Sharks fans), then go to overtime and battle it out for an extra point. We'll help you, you help us, everyone wins but the Kings.

Has it come to this? Nah, not really, I just can't pass up any opportunity to insert Army of Darkness quotes.

The Duck I'd Like On My Team: Doug Wilson courted the hell out of Scott Niedermayer back in the day, and we would have had him to if it wasn't for his meddling brother. Of course, who knows if the Joe Thornton deal would have happened with Scott Niedermayer on the team, but that's going into alternate timeline territory. I might take a break from holiday madness to go to the Star Trek Exhibition in San Jose today, so if I see any time-altering red matter, I'll check it out and make it so.

Prediction: Sharks 5, Ducks 4. First four goals scored by mutual agreement. Game winner by Boyle.