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Ducks Gameday -- Christmas Giving

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Phoenix Coyotes (21-12-2, t-6th  in west) at Anaheim Ducks (13-14-7, t-14th in west), 1 pm
Anaheim Calling talking fowl, Five For Howling talking fur.

No time for anything meaningful today -- I have choir concerts tonight and tomorrow, but I'll be around for this afternoon's game, which starts right about now.  Here's an old PuckToon, though, from my FanHouse days:

I really wasn't allowed to cut-and-paste for PuckToons -- I cheated a bit with this cut-out Bryzgalov.

Two years ago, the Ducks gave the 'Yotes a franchise netminder.  What should we get them this year?

Disclaimer: I didn't draw this one -- got sent to me on a group e-mail.

If you're around and watching (I guess it's Center-Ice-only today? No Hayward!), feel free to join in for game comments. If anybody has a feed to share, feel free to leave that as well.

Go Ducks.