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Ducks Gameday -- Sing me a song of Christmas

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Anaheim Ducks (15-14-7, t-11th in west) at Phoenix Coyotes (22-13-2, 6th in west), 6 pm
Anaheim Calling and Five For Howling for some actual hockey talk.

No time for anything terribly relevant today, as I've been over at my folks' place for the holidays, which has less computers than siblings.  Still, quite the miraculous ending to last night's game, and in the spirit of Christmas miracles and hasty posts, I've included two of my favorite Sleek-choir Christmas pieces after the jump.  Enjoy, and Happy Holidays, BoC!

(Rudy, Chen, and commenters: sorry for again gaying up the blog.)

First, a somewhat traditional version of Silent Night, though I really enjoy this arrangement.  First verse is choir and congregation in unison, second verse is congregation plus choir in parts, third verse is choir only with men taking the harmonies, and fourth verse the congregation comes back in and the women take the harmonies.  Solid.


Next, an interpretation of O Holy Night, which is less traditional.  Basically, this composer took one of the gaudiest Christmas carols around and made it even more overdramatic, but I like the effect.

Prediction: I won't be around for comments tonight (play nice!), but miraculously, the entire game is televised.

I'll be back to sacrilege and cynicism after Christmas.  In the meantime, Go Ducks.