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Kings Gameday: Adjusting Expectations

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Canada Kings vs. Team Latvia

1:00 PST, NHL Network


Los Angeles Kings vs. Phoenix Coyotes

6:00 PST, Fox Sports West


Hallelujah, the Kings are back!  The Kings finally return to action after an 8-game layoff to face the Phoenix Coyotes and their excellent goaltender, Scrooge McDuck Ilya Bryzgalov.  I don't have much to add for tonight's game; I'm just glad the Kings are back.  Plus, I got an iPhone so I got apps to insall, mother fucker!  The best thing about tonight is that Wayne Simmonds is back tonight.  Oh, and that Smyth asshole is back, too.

Kings win, 3-2.  Goals by Simmonds, Smyth and Williams.