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Sharks Gameday: On Fire

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Calgary Flames (17-7-3) at San Jose Sharks (19-6-5), 7:00 PST

Note the early start -- it's Hockey Night In Canada tonight!

Just a quick one as it's Saturday and there's shit to do. What's the greatest BoC moment involving flames? They've got nothing to do with Jarome Iginla or Dion Phaneuf, or even Theo Fleury. No, we''ve gotta thank the Anaheim Sleeks for this immortal moment.

Go Sharks.

The Flame I'd Like On My Team: Robyn Reghyr's always had the type of game I like: reliable, tough, and with a touch of offense. And he doesn't have that "I'm a prick" factor that Dion Phaneuf does.

Prediction: Sharks 5, Flames 4. Sharks forget how to play defense and McLellan splits the top line for scoring depth. Oh, and the power play finally scores. Goals by Marleau, Pavelski, Thornton, Setoguchi, and Boyle.