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Ducks Gameday -- Cup Finals Re-enactment.

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Ottawa Senators (13-10-4, t-7th in east) at Anaheim Ducks (10-13-5, 15th in west), 5 pm
To reminisce about the Best Cup Finals Ever!, visit Anaheim Calling or Silver Seven.

Whoops, running really late today!  I did draw a cartoon, though.

We should do this playoff matchup again some time -- probably not this year, though.

Since the lockout, the Ducks and Senators have faced each other eight times -- three regular season plus five Cup Finals games -- and the Ducks have won seven of the eight.  Thanks again, Chris Phillips.

Prediction: Ducks actually win this one 4-1, goals by Perry, Nokelainen, Scotty, and Ryan.  Unfortunately, the win is only worth two standings points, so the Ducks stay in fifteenth.

Go Ducks.