A Hockey Love Poem

Probably my favorite PuckToon of all time was the hockey love poem I put together for last year's Valentine's Day. Feel free to pass it along to the special hockey fan in your life as your own V-Day creation.


A Hockey Love Poem

When we first met, my dear, you gave me that look,
And from that first moment, my poor heart was hooked,
I thought it would pass, but that wasn't the case,
You cut into my heart with a high-stick to its face.

I still wasn't prepared for how smitten I'd be,
When you crippled my heart with a good knee-to-knee,
And I couldn't have known it was true love I'd find,
But you boarded my heart with a hit from behind.

So now my poor heart sits on Injured Reserve,
With concussions and injuries it hardly deserves,
Its career might be over, but I still have to mention,
I'll love you, my dear, for your entire suspension.


Happy Valentine's Day!

This FanPost was posted by a fan, and it probably sucks and is dumb.

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