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Nut: John Anderson looks like a drowned corpse.

RudyKelly: The Kings look like a drowned corpse.

N: I was trying to avoid that unpleasantness.

RK: How is Frolov so good yet completely whiffs on the puck 3 times a game?

(Jarret Stoll scores)

N: Ol' Skinny Head!

(That stupid Jack 'n the Box commercial comes on)

N: Frolov.  He is my chicken man.

RK: The Kings aren't making the playoffs.

N: Probably need to beat Anaheim and San Jose next week.

RK: The Kings aren't making the playoffs.

RK: I am Robin Williams to your Will Hunting.

N: So you won't be able to see your dick through your pubes?

RK: I drank 5 bottles of water while you wrote that.

RK: I think Frolov is trying to match Kovy tonight.

N: He needs another goal for that.

RK:Brown does not have the shot Kovy has.  I wonder who told him to shoot so much.

(Ron Hainsey gets a penalty for shooting the puck over the glass)

RK: I hate hockey so much.

(Anze Kopitar scores)

N: Holy fuck!

RK: Love it so much.

N: My God.

RK: I can't breathe.

(Goes into a shootout)

RK: I guarantee Kovy scores b/c God hates me.

(Erik Christensen scores to win it)

N: I hope you die.

RK: The Kings aren't making the playoffs.

N: Shut the fuck up.