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BoC Gameday: The Outcome Is Predetermined

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Los Angeles (25-22-9) @ San Jose (38-8-9)
7:30 PST

I've found that in all my hockey years, a single truth has emerged when it comes to jinxing players. This has more power than the jersey curse that I've mentioned off and on here. Yes, this awful purgatory spells sheer and absolute doom for a player.

It's called my fantasy team, or The Team That Alexei Kovalev Was On. It ain't pretty, and it seems like I have the anti-Midas touch with this. Everything I touch when it comes to fantasy hockey turns to poop. Fortunately, that doesn't happen in real life.

The funny this is that when I advise my friends in other fantasy leagues, they seem to do well. I'm like the financial adviser that gives out all the good stuff to clients but is an absolute disaster in his own right.

How is that relevant to the big BoC battle tonight between the Kings and the Sharks? Well, Kings fans, I hate to tell you this but I picked up Jon Quick to fill in for my rash of recent goalie injuries. Don't worry, I gave fair warning to Rudy and the rest of the BoC crew. So far, Quick has survived (it's been two games), but these things can have a delayed reaction to them. Quick could have four shutouts in a row before losing a limb in a freak rabid squirrel incident. Or in Kovalev's case, be the All-Star Game MVP, then get sent home to contemplate the meaning of life.

Now, I don't know if Quick is starting tonight since he played last night against the Anaheim Sleeksters. If he isn't, then we've got a level playing field. If he is, well, don't let any rabid squirrels near HP Pavilion. I'm going tonight, so I'll be on the lookout for any.

Prediction (If Quick starts): Sharks 38, Kings 1. Goals by everyone who took a shot on net.

Prediction (If Quick doesn't start): Sharks 4, Kings 1. Goals by Marleau, Cheechoo, Boyle, and Grier.