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Boc Gameday: Oh Son of a Bitch

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LA Kings (surging ahead) @ San Jose Sharks (foundering)

7:30 PST, Fucking Yahoo I guess


How is this game not on television tonight?  It's against San Jose.  It's not like they're shipping Bob and Jimmy off to Nova Scotia now, is it?  This is insane.  Someone needs to get fired for this.  They might as well just give up if they can't figure out a way for Kings fans to see their team play against a division rival.  Fuck, it doesn't even have to be Bob and Jimmy doing the game, let Dumbshit McBias and Cueball Jones do the game, I don't care.  Luckily Yahoo! is doing the game, I think, so we can all huddle around our monitors and watch the games like the Europeans do.  This is bullshit.


San Jose is a funny team because the Kings play them really well when they're at home and then get lit the fuck up when they go to the Shark Tank.  I think it's the way lines match up: when the Kings are at home they can line Michal Handzus and Matt Greene against Joe Thornton while Kopitar's line usually gets someone else.  When the Kings are in San Jose, Thornton matches up against Kopitar and usually picks him apart.  So it's pretty important that the Kings get San Jose at home, right?  Well, according to Yahoo!, the Kings play at the Shark Tank 4 times and get the Sharks in LA only twice.  That has to be a mistake, right?  I've looked 4 times and keep getting the same result.  Why would San Jose get an extra home game?  I hope I'm just retarded and can't count.  One of you guys go look on the count of 3, OK?  1... 2... 5!  Wait, fuck, let me try that again.

Prediction: Kings win, 3-2.  Nabokov isn't that good and lets in goals by Frolov, Calder and Doughty despite the Kings getting only 12 shots in the game.