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Ducks Gameday—Some pre-BSG drama

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Anaheim Ducks (28-26-5, 9th in west) at Detroit Red Wings (38-12-8, 2nd in west)
For a Detroit angle -- it's A2Y or Winging it in Motown

The Ducks' playoff situation remains as grim as Galactica, now fallen down to a 26.3% likelihood of making the postseason, and there's a tendency (that I'm guilty of also) of trying to assign blame -- whether it's toward Brian Burke, Randy Carlyle, Scott Niedermayer, J.S. Giguere, or whoever. But perhaps this natural desire to pinpoint a scapegoat lets too many people off the hook.

Tigh: The old man said humans had to own up to what they made.  But we made the skinjobs.  It's all about what we made, the destruction of the Colonies.

Tory: But the humans on Kobol made us.  Go back far enough and it's always them.

Tigh: Yeah... you point a finger back far enough and some germ gets blamed for splitting in two.  No!  Maybe we share the guilt with the humans, but we don't get to shove it off on them.

Yeah, that was certainly a weak excuse to post some Galactica dialogue from last week, as I'm certainly looking more forward to tonight's BSG episode than tonight's chapter of the Ducks' drama.  The grim playoff outlook has even led me to question whether I want Anaheim to win tonight -- a loss would further clarify what GM Murray needs to do in the coming weeks, and there is something to be said for clarity.  Last night I was all over trade-deadline theories with one of my Kings friends (including Scott Niedermayer to the Dallas Stars), but this morning I somehow see the standings differently -- the Ducks are still one point out of eighth, and games-in-hand isn't nearly the issue it was two weeks ago.  Who knows, perhaps the Ducks could get a fortuitous bullet to the brain and remember how to play like champions.

For the past couple of Fridays, a few friends and I have been having Galactica get-togethers, and tonight will be another installment.  One of the guys is a real Red Wings nut, so we'll be watching that game first (I'll probably be absent from the comments during game time -- we'll be watching on tape delay).  While I may hold some mixed feelings about how well the Ducks should do, nothing brings out my desire to win more than watching a game with this particular Wings fan.  Even if nothing else goes right the rest of this season -- win this frakking game, Ducks.  I need some pre-Galactica optimism.

Prediction: Somebody dies on Galactica.  It's about time I got one of these predictions right.

Go Ducks.