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Every Day is a Trade Deadline Day

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With one week to go until the "real" trade deadline, Doug Wilson resorts to his favorite tagline.  The Sharks are in an unusually situation, not needing to do anything but knowing the MO of Wilson, you can expect a few minor tweaks.  I can see bringing in more Stanley Cup experience.  Not being a salary cap guru, I am not sure how much salary they can take back without going over the cap.   Without going into specific names, I think they need a veteran D-man (a Havelid or Sydor type).  When Semenov is your 7th D-man, I am not too comfortable if/when a top 6 guy goes down.  Semenov has been playing better lately but everytime I see him on the ice all I can think of is the OT game last year when a puck went off his skate in Anaheim and a game earlier this year when he gloved a shot into his own net.  You might be able to get a depth D-man without giving up a regular but what if Wilson thinks big and goes for the knockout blow trade.  There are simmering rumors about Pronger being available but I doubt Anaheim trades him within the division and it would take quite a package of young players to get that done. 

How important is tomorrow's game versus Detroit?  A Detroit win would make it a 2-2 season series with the home team winning both games.  For the first time, both teams will be rested as neither team plays the night before.  Interesting to see what happens.