Please help get fat Iowa Chops fans on Ellen DeGeneres Show


Courtesy of our good buddy Wyshynski at Puck Daddy, it turns out the Anaheim Ducks affiliate Iowa Chops have attracted some mainstream attention to their intermission shenanigans: "See, the Iowa Chops have these flabby dudes called the Pork Bellies who come out between periods and get their Full Monty on. They're a bunch of Chops season ticket holders who started dancing at games as a gag, and now actually practice routines to perform during intermission. They're not the first team to have chubby guys dancing to pop hits, but they might be the first to have them storm the ice from the back of a U-Haul." The gist is this: if this YouTube video can get 6,000 hits, the Pork Bellies will be invited onto the Ellen Degeneres show to bring their mockery onto a national stage. C'mon, hockey fans. This must happen. I hereby authorize all technologically-capable Ducks fans to unleash their ASG Vote-Bots onto this YouTube site. Make it so.

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