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Matt Greene, Man

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I still don't understand what I'm allowed to post here and what I can't, so I'll just link to this picture from Yahoo!  (It's #2)  Matt Greene is a man and here's why:


In case you missed it or you're at work, Matt Greene went down to block a shot, took the puck off his face, got back up and covered his defensive responsibility until the whistle sounded, and then went to the bench.  Holy fuck.  I grew chest hair just reading that.  See, this is why I love hockey.  What other sport is going to see a guy take a shot like that and not only shake it off but continue to engage in the play?  Rugby, maybe, but who knows what the hell they're doing  out there.*

*Rugby is one of those sports where the athletes are a little too secure in their sexuality.  It's all well and good to have a little fun and not worry what people think about you, but they do a thing in rugby where they'll score a goal or whatever the fuck and then the goalscorer will stand in the center of a circle of teammates and strip naked.  Call me old-fashioned but what the fuck does that have to do with sports?  It's like 360 degrees from gay, or as I call it: " European."