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Kings Gameday: Lousy Squirrels

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LA Kings @ Vancouver Canucks

7:00 PST, Nuthin'


Oh shit!

So I have this problem with squirrels.  My problem is, they're hilarious.  I mean honestly, how do people not love squirrels?  I used to see them on campus when I was in college or out at the ol' frolf park* and I can't concentrate on anything else.  I love the way they walk and run and I can't help but imagine what they're thinking while they're running around** and pretty much just everything about them.  I love the way they walk, how they don't move any slower but just move fast intermittently.  They look like gravity is affecting them way more than everyone else.  And if they eat a nut.. holy fuck, just imagine that.  Awesome.


Hey man, gonna eat the rest of that nut?

*Frisbee golf.

**"Oh shit!"  *runs  "Hey, what's that?!?  Oh fuck, a nut!  I will eat you!  Oh shit!"  *runs halfway up tree  "Hey, what that?  I better slowly walk up this tree to find out!  Oh shit!" *hides

The problem with squirrels, though, is that I can't stop smiling whenever I see one.  I was walking along today and I saw this little squirrel with a bit of red on him (I named him Seamus MacNut) and he was cautiously approaching a leaf; naturally, I was enthralled.  So I'm watching this little guy get freaked the fuck out by a piece of foilage and then I notice that there is a smoking hot blonde coming the other direction and she's giving me the weirdest look, like i have shit smeared on my face.  It is only then that I realize that I have the goofiest smile on my face because of Seamus.  (Also, the shit on my face.)  It wouldn't have bothered me that much except it was like the 30th GD time that's happened.  I think they high five each other like in that commercial when they get me.


No, it's mine, all mine!

So yeah, squirrels fucking get me every time, just like dogs in clothes.  (Or, dogs in cars.  They're so happy!)  What else makes me smile uncontrollably?  When I imagine Drew Doughty in 10 years wearing a Kings jersey.

Predicton: Kings win, 4-1.  Goals by Doughty (x2), Kopitar and Simmonds.  And Seamus.