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Revenge of the Northstar?

Huge game tonight with big-time playoff implications. So, naturally, I don't have much to say about it. Since it's against Minnesota, the game will probably be mercilessly boring.

No. 8 at this moment in time Dallas vs. No. 9 at this time Minnesota.


Dallas status: (32-28-8 for 72 points with 14 games left; 6 games at home and 8 games on the road)

The Stars never make sense, beating great teams convincingly and giving up leads faster than Brittney Spears' virginity. At this point, Nashville deserves to be in the playoffs more than Dallas.

Minnesota status: (32-28-7 for 71 points with 15 games left; 6 at home and 9 on the road)

Minnesota is floundering (as predicted) but not much worse than Dallas is floundering (not as expected).

The only interesting storyline is that the 'Soters could finally exact some North Star revenge by damaging the Stars opportunity to make the playoffs. However, since the world is a cruel bitch the Stars will probably win this game and neither team will make the playoffs. At this point anyone who tries to predict the Western Conference has to be insane.

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