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BoC Gameday—Time to see the new guys

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San Jose Sharks (44-13-10, 2nd in west) at Anaheim Ducks (32-30-6, t-11th in west)
To satiate your Huskins Time withdrawal, head over to Fear the Fin.

Aloha, friends.  I'm a couple of days back from my globe-stomping adventures in Hawaii, which was actually mostly rain, but there was still enough time for me to bring home a sunburn.  I haven't really watched a hockey game in more than a week, though, and I have zero opinion on any of the Ducks' new acquisitions (even Cotton Gin), so I'm headed to tonight's Shark tilt to essentially get my first taste of the new-look Ducks.

I'll be wearing the lucky green shirt up in the nosebleeds -- section 435, Row H -- and I'll even be tagging along with good ol' Spade.  He can fill me in on who's looked good or bad in the last week-plus, plus I'll now have a chance to start judging guys for myself.  Feel free to offer your opinions in the comments, too -- I'm probably pretty gullible.

Perhaps it will look a little bit like this (cartoon by Spade himself).

Prediction: Ducks 3, Sharks 2. Goals by Ryan, the Omen (puts it past Nabokov for us), and whoever that guy is wearing Pahlsson's number.

Go Ducks.