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Kings Gameday: It's The End of the World As We Know It

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LA Kings @ St. Louis Blues

5:30 PST, Fox Sports West


Did the world stop spinning or something?  I was in Palm Springs this weekend for my dad's birthday* and I think the movie Knowing actually happened.  The Kings lost 2 games against 2 good teams and now Kings' fans are acting like they are surprised we aren't going to make the playoffs.  There's people attacking Terry Murray (yeah, fuck you guy that instilled an actual defensive scheme!), Dean Lombardi (way to go on drafting Doughty, Moller and Simmonds, dickhead) and even Dustin Brown.


I think Dustin Brown is gutless. The guy needs to realize that being the captain doesn't give you permission to act like a puckhogging primadonna. I can't think of a worse captain.
That one's real, by the way, from Hockey's Future.


*My dad has that thing where he's 60 but he looks like he's 45 and is in good shape.  I guess I'm supposed to be the same way, but I already feel like I'm 90 and I've got a ways to go 'til I'm 60.  Oh well, I guess eventually looking younger than I actually am will eventually become pretty cool, but right now it sucks.  Yeah I'm talking to you, asshole that asked for my ID on my 21st birthday when I wanted a ticket to see Troy. 


I am frankly shocked at such an outpouring of disgust at this Kings team.  They aren't a good team yet.  They haven't been one all season.  I said over and over again that the Kings weren't going to make the playoffs but apparently no one listens to me.  (What did I just say?  See!)  The Kings are in the process of becoming a good team but they sure as shit aren't there yet.  We knew that, and we knew the Kings had most of their games at home at the beginning of the year and were road-heavy to end the season.  We knew this, and yet some people are still pissed?  I am the very very very last person that should be saying this, but: get a Goddamned grip, people. 


Frolov got benched against the Bruins for missing another defensive assignment (that makes 2 on the season) and is now injured for a week.  All I'll say is that I hope we don't trade him or I will cry.


It's way too early to judge Justin Williams (forget the rest of this season), but man alive has he sucked so far.  His blown pass against the Penguins led to a Sidney Crosby goal and then he got a 4-minute double minor against the Blackhawks.  Oh well, at least he's good at ping pong.


Lines, as reported by Royal Report:

Handzus - Kopitar - Williams
Purcell - Stoll - Brown
Calder - Richardson - Simmonds
Ivanans - Armstrong - Harrold

Quincey - Doughty
O'Donnell - Johnson
Greene - Drewiske

I like that O'Donnell and Johnson are together, but the rest... Terry Murray seems like an Alzheimer's patient who writes everything he needs to remember on an Etch-a-Sketch.  He'll turn the knobs and everything will be fine for a few days, but then someone will bump it and it'll fall and he'll have to start over.  He'll squint at the names and try to remember where they belong, but there's always one or two that he'll forget.


Suspension?  Yes?  no?  I don't know one way or the other, but I'd be interested to see what would have happened if it had been Simmonds hitting Malkin.



The Blues might still make the playoffs?  Maybe the world is ending.

Prediction: Kings win, 3-0.  Goals by Williams (x3).